6 Chicago Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

A renovation project for the homeowner can be stressful, considering you would need to give up not just a room in your house, but a room that your family uses a lot.

With the sacrifices and concessions that you will make at this time, keep in mind the end goal of the finished product. Enjoying a new bathroom, kitchen or another room in the house that you are looking to remodel.

We have listed below, six ideas for you, the homeowner to help make the process of renovation an easier one to deal with.

Meet the Management

With all projects, the Contractor should introduce you to the key members of the management team that will be running your project. A lot of times, the Contractor’s focus is to design, develop and do sales for the company while the Project Manager and the staff does the work.

I would say if you can arrange some time, before the project starts or even in the bid phase of a project, meet not only the Contractor, but also their Management staff as well. This may be a meeting at your home or meeting up at a job site for a current project.

Decide all before starting

The process of deciding on what finishes, tiles, appliances can be fun and a bit stressful. Considering how the design trends go in and out of style on HGTV and design magazines, we can understand.

However, in order to keep the process organized and the flow, timeliness and budget of the remodeling project, all of the colors, finishes and design should be final by the start of project. Reason being is that having switched finishes or appliances in the middle of the project will cause the Contractor to have to make changes in the contract.  Sometimes, these changes can prove costly.

We do from time to time have an issue with a supply house where we may need to pick a different finish or product due to certain reasons or circumstances. However, we try to ensure that we secure the materials required to get the project completed.

At VRC Management, we emphasize greatly to have all decisions solid before the start of all projects. If it takes a bit more time for the decision making process, we can understand, Kitchen remodeling projects are not like switching a wardrobe.

Visualization is Key

The best way to envision that your choices are satisfactory to you, is to obtain samples of the materials that you are looking to use.

For example:

Paint swatches or finish samples for walls and cabinets.

Door pulls or knobs for cabinets

Tile samples for flooring

Another option would be using home remodeling or virtual interior design software applications. This would be able to show a virtualized version of the kitchen so that you and your family can be able to visualize what the finished project would look like.

Measure Twice, Cut Once

When you are planning out your Kitchen Remodel, you should account for the dimensions of your dishware, cooking tools that you use and the space that you have to work with.

We have heard horror stories of those who never paid attention to dimensions. Finishing a project, only to find out that their beloved wine glasses did not fit the shelving or a kitchen-aid mixer that looked out of place.

Although it seems to be a minor detail, please account for everything that you use in the kitchen and account for it in your shelving, cabinet, counter space and pantry.


Have you thought about the organization factor in your Kitchen Remodel? If you haven’t done so, let’s break out a pad an pen and take inventory of what is in your kitchen.

How many dishes and silverware do you have? How many people live in your house and is your pantry full of food all of the time? Can the kitchen remodel not only hold all of the food inventory and appliances that you use, but also handle all of it in an orderly and organized fashion?

Something to think about.

Cleaning up

The last idea is to ensure that the kitchen that you are looking to have remodeling is an easy to clean one.

Think about the traffic that goes in and out of the kitchen every day. Look at how often the refrigerator door is opened, the microwave and appliances are being used.

Then also consider cleaning them up after use. Is the kitchen that you envision going to be easy to clean? Are the surfaces and floors easy to clean? Would you need specialty cleaners in order to get the job done? Are you going to have to use a special method to clean different materials?

Having an awesome looking kitchen that your family can be proud of should be easy to clean and maintain.


For all things in Kitchen Remodeling in Chicago, you need to have a Contractor that has a lot of experience and knowledge in providing the best quality and most reasonably priced remodel project.

That contractor is VRC Management of Chicago. Jozef and his team has a versatile and expansive experience in handling Renovations with using the latest techniques and technologies, while keeping safety and professionalism in mind.

Give Jozef a call at 312 320 3838 today to discuss your next project.


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