Chicago Bathroom Renovations and Flooring: Trends and Styles

Flooring is one of those aspects of a renovation that is sometimes the “second fiddle” or an afterthought when it comes to a bathroom renovation project. I am sure those who have started thinking about investing in remodeling their bathroom doesn’t go ahead and look for travertine tiles or wood finished vinyl flooring. Usually, the Tub, the toilet, and the sink are usually the ones that get attention the most.

In this post though, we are going to look into flooring. The many different types of flooring that are now considered popular in this day and age. We will cover a few different types, ranging from the apartment grade linoleum rolls to the elaborate marble and travertine stone floors.

Wood Plastic Composite (WPC)

Vinyl flooring that simulates a wood floor. The benefit is that with a flooring option such as this, you don’t have to worry about the issues with a bathroom, where leaking water or spilled water from a tub or sink will damage rot or warp the floor.

Waterproof Carpeting

Now, these options are for those who like carpet and cannot live without it in the bathroom. Usually, bathrooms do require that you have a solid least porous, and dependable surface so it is easy to clean and free from potential water damage.

Linoleum Roll Floors

Super duper budget-minded option here or if you are a landlord and need a cheap flooring option for your investment properties. Durable and cheap, however, gets the job done.

Heated Flooring

This has been a great option for some time. For those who hate waking up or walking barefoot on a very cold floor, you have the option of having a heated floor. Usually, this option is for stamped concrete or tiles that work with such systems. A bit pricey as you would have to consider that you need to do electrical work in adding the heating coils, laying customized tile, or pouring stamped concrete.

Porcelain or Ceramic Tiled floors

The basic floors that you would see in the bathrooms of the ’60s and ’70s. Not extremely popular as it once was. However, still a decent choice for those who like tile and are budget-minded. Just going to a home depot or a supply house, one can see that you really have no limit in what colors, finishes, and shapes are available.

Travertine Tile, Marble and Stone

The best and most luxurious item on the list is Stone tile floors. Sturdy, reliable and have a great look to them. However, a great stone finish can be rather expensive, so this may not work on budget-minded renovation projects.

For all of your bathroom renovation needs, from flooring to new tubs, tile, toilet, and sinks to an entire gut restoration, VRC Management LLC is your Chicago Bathroom Remodeling contractor of choice. Call Jozef Caushi at 312 320 3838 for a free consultation to discuss your next project.


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