Chicago Kitchen Remodeling: The Perfect Kitchen Cabinet Solution

chicago kitchen cabinet renovation

If you are like me, I love to cook and make some awesome food. I love to entertain guests and have a great time. Considering how often I do cook, I have to look at my kitchen cabinets every time I walk through the kitchen or grabbing dishes or a snack.

Have you ever thought about replacing those old, outdated kitchen cabinets that look like they belong on the set of the Brady Bunch or worse, The Waltons? Maybe now is the time to do a complete kitchen facelift or just replace the cabinets with new ones.

In some cases, while some homeowners prefer to renovate their kitchen completely, others would prefer to just replace the cabinets and be just fine with that.

There are a few different solutions that we will discuss today from the least expensive to the most expensive solution.

Paint over and replace with new pulls:

This would be the simplest method to undertake and would require the lightest budget of all three. Painting your cabinets with a new color scheme and replace the dated cabinet pulls with new ones. Just having a look at the cabinet pulls from your local hardware store, you can see there is no limit to the options that you have available. The paint should be a durable high traffic finish that is easy to clean.

Cabinet refinishing with new doors:

The next solution would be to leave the cabinets where they are and then replace the doors and pulls. A professional contractor would measure the doors on your current cabinets and create all new doors. There are many different materials, from composites to real wood that could be used. More awesome options would include having an anti-slam/self-closing hinge to maximize service life on the doors. Just like with the first solution, the cabinets would be refinished to any color scheme or finish that you may prefer and you can pick the door pulls that you would like to use.

Total Cabinet Replacement:

This solution is usually the most expensive. However, ideal for when you want to do a completely new concept with your kitchen. Unlike the first two solutions mentioned, A total cabinet replacement would have to involve a full design plan with space, budget, and other constraints considered. The cabinets along with other parts of your kitchen would be dismantled and then a new cabinet system would be installed. The cabinet system can be either prefabricated to specification or custom built right on the project site. Usually, a prefab solution would be a more budget friendly way to go on this route.

And in this case, considering space, budget and other matters, the sky is the limit with materials, colors and styles.

If you are looking for further advice on Kitchen Remodeling, Cabinets or need to figure out your next project, feel free to give Jozef at VRC Management a call now at 312 320 3838. VRC Management is Chicago’s kitchen remodeling contractor of choice.


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One Comment on “Chicago Kitchen Remodeling: The Perfect Kitchen Cabinet Solution

November 20, 2020 at 11:27 pm

This is such a helpful article! I’ve been dreaming of doing a kitchen remodel for years, and I can’t wait to be able to start taking these steps! Thank you for sharing.


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