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VRC Management LLC has worked with bathrooms from apartments to luxurious condominiums in and around Chicago. 

From reasonably priced apartment renovations to penthouse level luxurious bathrooms, VRC Management can turn your remodeling ideas into reality. Consider VRC Management Chicago's Premier Bathroom Renovation Contractor of choice.

Bathrooms are a vital part of the home. A place where you can relax in after a crazy stressful day at the job or life. A place where you get ready for a day of challenges, to get washed up or other business, haha.

I am sure since you always see that bathroom, each and every day, that something just doesn’t seem right with it. Maybe it is an older home, which you cannot help but notice the avocado or harvest gold tiles. Maybe the tiles are cracked, stained or falling off from the stucco put in nearly 60 years ago. 

Maybe your toilet consumes 6 gallons of water with every flush and you would like to have one that is more efficient. 

Or just maybe, you want to finally upgrade the tub to  a jet tub complete with a tv and more.

Well, let me get to the point here. With all of the changes, you will need a great chicago remodeling contractor that can take that idea and turn it into reality. Not so much with a magic wand, but with the result of years of knowledge, safety, experience and a great staff and supply house, VRC Management is your contractor of choice to make that happen.

Usually, most bathroom renovation projects start around $7,000 and up. We have solutions for all budgets and tastes and usually keep the timeline reasonable enough so you can enjoy your newly remodeled bathroom in no time.

For more information, contact Jozef at 312 320 3838 to discuss your project and see if we can help you make it happen.

Also, check out our growing portfolio of bathrooms in the gallery below.

Chicago Bathroom Remodeling: BEFORE AND AFTER!

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