Guide on Buying a Sink For Your Chicago Bathroom Remodel.

Either you are changing out a tired sink that just looks like it was a prop from an 80’s movie or you are looking to completely renovate your bathroom space. A new sink can be a huge breath of fresh air in the design of your bathroom.

Why is it so important to consider replacing your bathroom sink?

Everybody spends on average 5-10 minutes each and every morning getting ready for their day at the bathroom sink. A depressing sink that is dated and falling apart is not a good impression for you or your routine. Have you ever thought about replacing it? Have you ever thought about renovating your entire bathroom?

Well, if you don’t have a bathroom renovation budget, maybe you can just replace the toilet and sink. In this post, we will focus on sinks and what to consider when getting a new sink for your bathroom.

There are a variety of different styles of sinks

You have a wider range than what you think is possible with choosing the right sink for your bathroom. To name a few, there are the trough sinks for a wide basin. There are bowl sinks that sit above the counter. Sunken sinks for a low profile look and many more.

Not to mention, you have a wide color palette that for the style that you select, there are also a lot of colors and finishes that you can go with.

A Mount, a cabinet, a pedestal? 

For what you put your sink on, there are numerous options that await.

A Mount would be to put it into an existing structure, such as a countertop or a shelf. Usually, the countertop would have to be replaced and can be done with a wide range from Corian to Granite and many options in between.

A Pedestal Sink is great if you prefer a standalone design that doesn’t take up a lot of space and is elegant looking.

A cabinet setup is where you have your sink mounted in a cabinet, either standalone or built into the wall of the bathroom.

Things to consider for selecting the type of sink that you want

Of course, when you pick out the right sink, you would agree that some harmony in terms of finish and aesthetics would need to match the rest of the room. For example, a huge trough sink may not work in a small half bathroom as much as a bowl sink may not be big enough in a utility room where you need more sink space.

If you need help in making determinations with respect to the size, design, and other aspects of your remodel, have a chat with Jozef of VRC Management LLC.

Pick The Professionals To Get the Job Done Right

Jozef Caushi of VRC Management LLC is Chicago’s Bathroom Remodeling Expert. Jozef has worked with a wide range of different projects from rental units to lavish penthouse suite bathrooms that are probably larger than most studio apartments in town.

If you are looking to make a decision and would like to consult with a pro, I am only a call away at 312 320 3838. Set up a meeting at a time mutually convenient over the phone or in-person to discuss your options and see why VRC Management LLC is who Chicago turns to for their Renovation Projects.


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