LEED Credit Categories – Water Efficiency

Today, we will discuss another Credit Category of the LEED v4 Certification Program, Water Efficiency. Earning points in this credit category will go toward rating your site with one of the US Green Building Councils’ coveted LEED Certification, ranging from the base level to Platinum.

Below, let’s discuss some of the point categories that fall within the Water Reduction Credit Category:

Outdoor Water Use Reduction

The goal is to reduce outdoor water demand, which is done through high efficiency fixtures and fittings.

There are two routes that you can take to achieve points in this aspect: 1. You can reduce the percentage of turf grass and increase the native plants in percentage of the total landscape area.

The second route is to have installed a highly efficient irrigation system. Various points are awarded for having proper pressure regulation, smart irrigation control and flow sensing with a master valve.

Indoor Water Use Reduction

The goal is to reduce indoor water demand, which is done through high efficiency fixtures and fittings.

Each faucet should be sanctioned by WaterSense and labeled. The flow rate should not exceed 1.5 gallons per minute

Every showerhead must also be labeled by WaterSense as well. Toilets must be limited in water consumption per flush (1.11.28 maximum gallon per flush).

Clothes washers must be ENERGY STAR qualified.

Building-Level Water Metering

To support a water management system and identify opportunities for addition water conservation by tracking consumption.

There is a five year commitment for keeping records of water consumption. Usually logged digitally either monthly or annually.

Water Metering

Installing a whole house water meter. This is to determine how much water your home or building consumes over time. Those who don’t use municipal water system, usually are exempt from this requirement.

Optimize Process Water Use 

To conserve water used for mechanical processes while controlling corrosion and scale in condensers.

For buildings that have hvac systems, conducting an analysis measuring five elemental factors. Also, factored in is determining ways to reduce water consumption in these systems. Either a reduction in potable fresh water, or a percentage of recycled, non potable water being used. Points are awarded for percentage based reductions.

Water Use/Total Water Use

To reduce water demand through high efficiency fixtures and efficient practices for landscaping and horticulture


If you are looking to consider renovating your building, home, kitchen, bathroom, you name it, we do it, give Jozef a call at 312 320 3838. VRC Management LLC is a member of the United States Green Building Council and is looking to help those who are looking to consider the requirements to achieve the coveted LEED certification. LEED Certification helps with improving property values, increase rents all while improving the sustainability and environmental impact.


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