Let’s Discuss Lighting in Chicago Kitchen Remodeling

Lighting is a big factor in remodeling your kitchen and is usually “diminished” in importance by Cabinets, Ranges, Refrigerators, Countertops and even Flooring. So in this post, we are going to shed some light (yep, I went there) on the subject of kitchen Lighting.


Why is lighting an important discussion point in your kitchen remodeling project?


Lighting is a huge factor in the design of a remodeling project. 


How would you be able to see all of the work that was done in your kitchen?  How are you able to get enough light to ensure you are properly prepping food and not cutting your fingers off? Can you change the brightness of a bulb to go from zoom meetings to dinner dates with your significant other?


What types of lighting are used? Which ones are appropriate? Which ones are not?


Edison Bulbs – These lights are becoming very popular. First with the steampunk make community, now with kitchens that prefer a rustic or modern look with respect to this vintage style of lighting. Usually, Edison bulbs do not use any type of fixture that covers the bulb. Reason is because the shape and glow of the bulb is the selling feature.


LED Lighting – This is quite a trend now with LED’s, their versatility, energy saving and the endless options available. From brightening up cabinets and backsplashes, to LED powered edison bulbs and overhead lighting options.


Fluorescent Lighting – Great for commercial, however, great in some use cases. If you can make it work, then great. This one probably would work for over the counter lighting.


Track Lighting – Track lighting was very big in the 80’s and is still used to this day. There are so many styles and options, more than just the halogen and large flood bulbs that were popular then. 


Natural Lighting – Windows and skylights, which enable lots of light to flow in your kitchen. 



Lighting systems that provide proper light in order to prep food, clean and walk through the kitchen.


A great dining room light system that provides many different levels of brightness and hues for different times of the day or occasions. 


Lights not that only provide the proper illumination, but are also aesthetically congruent and complement the design strategy. For example, do not put fluorescent light bulbs suited for an office suite in a spanish revival style kitchen, or dated fixtures in a modern design.



Ones that are not easy to clean, not easy to maintain. 


Lighting that is not providing enough light in order to do kitchen tasks. 


Lighting that does not work with the aesthetics or doesn’t provide the proper ambience. 


For example, the dining room does not have a lighting solution that lowers the lights for date night, or increases the brightness for doing work from home or your child’s homework.


Brightness and Colors: the tonality of a lighting system sets the mood and how colors pop out of surfaces.


How to find the best possible lighting solution for your kitchen?

  • Consult with an interior designer: 

An interior designer is keen on understanding how light affects different types of surfaces in terms of colors and illumination. Most interior designers will have a great mockup or simulation software to help make the best possible determination on which direction to proceed in terms of style, design, bulbs to use, etc. 


  1. Go to a lighting/electric showroom and have a look

If you happen to live or work near a lighting showroom, make some time to stop on over and just have a look at the different choices of lighting fixtures. As you will see, there are a ton of different makes, models and styles to compliment the look that you prefer. Some showrooms even have catalogs or books that you can look at if the showroom doesn’t have exactly what you are looking for. Some light fixtures can be custom made as well. 

  • Use a simulation software to see how the lighting affects your kitchen project.

Usually interior designers will have a 3d mockup software to help you determine your finished project and show “results in advance” before the project is started. This is great so you can know what to roughly expect and work on materials and labor with the contractor.


For the purposes of lighting, you can see what effects different levels of illumination can have on the surfaces of your kitchen cabinets, floors, countertops and appliances.




For all questions regarding your remodeling needs for your upcoming project, consult with VRC Management at 312 320 3838. Our project design team can help you determine which lighting is best for your Chicago Kitchen and also the rest of your home. 


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