Nine Quality Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Today, we are going to go through nine bathroom remodeling ideas. We will focus on different use of materials, layout, and design aesthetics.

You are probably watching HGTV and looking at home decor magazines using some of the latest designs and materials that are popular in remodeling your home. As you will notice, there is a wide palette of options available for your unique wishlist.

Let’s go over ten different bathrooms and show you some different ideas to help inspire you to consider some of the many options available.



This is a very popular option in Chicago’s Kitchen backsplashes. Easy to clean, the glazed tile shines beautifully with it’s finish. When you hear the name “Subway Tile,” You probably are thinking that you have a choice of a glazed white tile, locked in a white grout. Well, let me tell you that now you have a multitude of different finishes that you can opt for. Different glazes, sizes, and also you can dye the grout in many color choices to further match your bathroom’s color scheme.


Another great trend that has taken off along with Subway Tile is Mosaic tile. Just like Subway Tile, Mosaic tile is extremely desirable in kitchen backsplashes. A bit tougher to clean due to the numerous surfaces and facets. However, the glass and stone mosaic looks beautiful in reflected sunlight and lighting and can complement your color scheme.


One of the most desired bathroom floor and shower stall materials we have requests for is Marble Tile. Marble is one of the more expensive options with finishes, however, very durable and easy to take care of. If you have a larger budget and want a luxurious and remarkable aesthetic to your bathroom to remodel, marble is a good option.


Although not too new of an idea with remodeled bathrooms and new construction bathrooms in Chicago, the above counter sink has a nice appeal of style and elegance. Great for a powder room or a half bathroom along with a full bathroom. Show your guests a nice clean design with a white porcelain sink or get a nice ceramic bowl to sit on the counter that has numerous design options.


Another thing to consider is doing a half tile/half painted wall finish. The best designs that I have seen are those that have great contrast. For example, the tile finish may be of light color and the walls above it sport a darker color. Contrasts such as sky blue tiles with royal blue paint and white subway tiles with an eggshell brown painted wall.


The industrial basic finish bathroom is a simple, clean design, with white walls, white subway tiles, and white porcelain toilets, sinks, and tubs/showers. There may be some deviation left in to give accents, such as mosaic tile patterns, decor, and metal finishes for faucets, showerheads, levers, and drains.


Imagine a shower without a curb and the design is not interrupted by having a curb in a traditional shower design! Yep, now showers and bathrooms are being built where there is no curb separating the shower and the rest of the bathroom.


You can have the privacy that you require in a bathroom and also have plenty of sunlight flowing in as well. Skylights can provide for a sunlit backdrop, reflecting off of the walls, stone, and glass finishes, painting the ultimate in design aesthetic.


For those who are looking for a serene, woodsy look to their bathroom, consider it in your design ideas. Wood finishes provide for a down-to-earth, relaxed view and have that look of a great retreat after a crazy day of work.


As you see, you have many different options and hopefully will expand your palette to seeing what is possible. When you get to that point of looking for a great Chicago remodeling contractor to help you realize your ideas into reality, call VRC Management to get the job done. As Chicago’s Remodeling Contractor of choice, VRC Management has years upon years of experience. Experience building some of the best remodeling projects ranging from apartments to commercial buildings. Knowledge in modern techniques to provide the desired results. Safety in assuring all is done in accordance with our team and you in mind.

Call Jozef at 312 320 3838 to discuss your next project.


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