Chicago's Real Estate Investment Property Contractor

Are You a Property Investor?

Are you flipping properties and need a General Contractor to bring new life to your investment properties? Are you a Landlord that could use a great go-to construction service to help keep and maintain your properties?

Flipping Houses

I am sure, you are either seasoned or new to the field. You watch HGTV flipping this house and that home and the bug has bit you about investment properties. 


One thing I know for sure, is that for many of the items that you take care and try to do yourself, there are many tasks that you just don’t have the tools, knowledge and experience to handle. 


This is where VRC Management LLC comes in. We are a full service construction company and have worked with property investors such as yourself flipping homes for profit. Having a partner in VRC Management LLC can help you in so many ways and make your life and business all that easier.


If you want to learn more a conversation about how we can help you boost profits and help you reach your goals, call Jozef Caushi at 312 320-3838 today.

Rental Properties

For those who are new to Rental Properties or already have a portfolio and need a great go-to General Contractor, VRC Management can provide you a laundry list of awesome services to help you with the upkeep of your investments.


If you are looking to replace electrical appliances, kitchen components, fix the drywall from that last tenant that didn’t work out, we can do that.


If you just bought a nice building and want to completely do a gut restoration with upticket luxury items and features, we can do that as well.


Let’s have a conversation then! Call Jozef at 312 320-3838 and let’s discuss how we can be your greatest resource.


Select which day and time that you would like to discuss your next idea or project? Jozef will return all inquiries promptly.

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