Construction Management in Chicago

As one of many services that VRC Management Provides, Our management team strives to achieve results past your expectation while keeping the quality, safety, timing and other factors in perspective.

VRC Management LLC provides construction management services from the intial consultation to completion of building projects. By using the best methodologies in project management, we can provide the best quality with each project that we take on. 


With each step of the construction process, VRC Management LLC prides itself with providing only the best and cutting edge practices and techniques in order to assure that your project is of the best and highest quality.


Our pre-construction process is a highly interactive process between the designer, engineer and the owner of the project. We go over the specifics and requirements of each project and ensure clarity and understanding so you are on the same page from the initial consult to the completion of the project.


Throughout the process, we will help you will understand the selection of materials, labor and time estimates required for your needs. After the design process, VRC Management will also help you through the RFQ and vetting process to find the best suited and prepared builder to ensure that the project is done on time and also done right.



Construction Phase

Bringing the design plan to life is quite the process. It takes a top tier designer and engineer along with great project management to get to the bid stage. Also takes finding the right construction firm as well.

And then, from the beginning of the actual construction phase, the field work, just like the pre-construction phase, work needs to be of the best quality possible.

Our team includes a top-tier project manager to ensure all work being done is properly executed. Sub-contractors and specialists in the many different aspects of construction are brought in, which are heavily vetted by the project manager as well.

Our clients can tell you about how our quality is unparalleled in our industry. With a city as massive as Chicago and it’s suburbs, we are one of the top-tier construction management firms. If you would like to consider having VRC Management work or manage your next project, give Jozef a call and let’s get the process started.

Select which day and time that you would like to discuss your next idea or project? Jozef will return all inquiries promptly.

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