Chicago Pre-Construction Services

VRC Management can take your idea for your next project and plan the entire scope from beginning to completion. 

The design, bid and build method of the construction process is when a project is completely designed, engineered and planned end-to-end before being built. The plans and specifics of a given project are placed into the construction document. 

The owner of the project would send an RFQ (Request for Quotes) to prospective builders to send over bids. The winning bidder is then selected by the owner to build the project.

What is Pre-Construction?

There are many steps to the pre-construction phase of any given project.

The initial meeting, the design and engineering firm meets with the owner of the project and discusses the requirements and specifications of the build. Feasibility studies, design and development along with cost estimations are considered. 

The design firm takes this information and creates a schematic design of the project, along with the materials list, the timelines and has a series of meetings with the owner to discuss the overall progression. One the entire design and all aspects are approved by the owner, then the next part of process is sending RFQ’s to builders and receiving bids on their cost to build the project. The bid process does take a bit of time.

Once the owner selects the winning bid estimate, the contract is formed and awarded to the builder. Once all required permits are procured along with materials and labor, the build project begins.

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