Chicago Self-Performance Construction


VRC Management as a General Contractor also Self-Performs on construction projects as well.


Self performance is where the General Contractor uses his or her firm or themselves to complete projects instead of hiring outside specialists and contractors to complete the required tasks in a project.


What is the advantages of having a self-performing contractor working on your project?


1. Saving Time – Having to hire subcontractors or getting them to understand and have clarity on what work is needed can use up more given time in a project. The benefit of self-performance in terms of time, is that there is less of a communication and separation where time is being potentially wasted.


2. Saving Money – Being that the general contractor doesn’t have to utilize a specialist subcontractor or service, that could mean having a cost savings by having all of the work done in-house by the contractor themself.


3. Ensuring Quality – Being that the General Contractor is also providing the labor for the project, you can rest assured that only the highest and best grade materials are being used for the job.


4. Ensuring Safety – Ensuring Safety is a top priority for a general contractor. So in the case of self-performance, you know all of the top-tier safety guidelines and regulations are being observed and held in the utmost manner.


With all of these considered, if you are looking to hire a General Contractor for your next project, have a look at VRC Management LLC. Jozef Caushi is a licensed general contractor, that can through a consultation, help you understand which route in terms of services is best for your next project. Give Jozef a call at 312 320-3838.

Select which day and time that you would like to discuss your next idea or project? Jozef will return all inquiries promptly.

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