Renovation: Should you hire a Chicago remodeling contractor or do it yourself?

Here is a good article that you should read if you are looking to do an addition, change the appearance or partially or even completely remodel your home.

Every year, you get tired looking at a kitchen, a bathroom or a particular room of your house that gets boring and eventually becomes less inspiring by the day. You would love to make a change, you know that would be good to do.

You have a look on HGTV and see all of the cool subway tile on the backsplash or a nice bathroom complete with his and her sinks, a vanity and a jet tub to soak in after a hard day of work.

We let our imaginations run extremely wild and then visions of grandeur and possibilities start to appear. However, then reality strikes. Reality, being the cost of undertaking a makeover in your home and everything that is involved.

You and your significant other would run to Home Depot, Lowes, the boutique tile and marble shops to see some cool mosaic tile, maybe go look at a nice bathroom and say “Dear, wow, we gotta have that!”

Then, reality digs a bit deeper and the invoice is calculated. Wow, that really smacked your wallet around a good bit, didn’t it? I am sure your ideas are awesome, however, you gotta pay for it somehow.

But did you figure out the cost of having the work done by professional contractors? Well, that adds a significant amount more to the cost you see. This is what makes some consider the route of doing the renovations on their own, or known as Do It Yourselfers.

Doing the renovation by yourself is not like building a birdhouse or doing a weekend project of building wood furniture for a man cave or she shed. There are a lot more complex factors for when it comes to projects such as these.

For one, there is a factor of the space that you are working with. With the materials involved with the renovation, can you calculate exactly how many subway tiles or mosaic tiles are going to be needed? What about ensuring the floor in your bathroom can support the new jet tub that you want? Or if you have the specialty tools for some of the items that you want, such as installing PEX lines in the new sink and Jet tub?

What happens if something goes wrong. An improper method of installing or measuring materials can spell disaster later on. Or improper following of safety procedures or improper tool usage causes injury or even death?

This is why you should consider a contractor to handle all of your renovation project needs. Sure, it will cost more than renovating your Chicago home than just doing it yourself. But you will save yourself headaches, money even if you screw up and have to buy more materials and risks from improper safety.

Contractors will have teams that know all of the safety protocols required to get the job done safely.

Contractors will have the proper tools, the knowledge and techniques down for getting the job done, within time and exactly the way you wanted it done.

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