VRC Management is now a member of the US Green Building Council

Good morning,

How was everybody’s weekend? Getting ready for Spring and thinking about your next dream remodeling project I am sure.

I would like to let you know a really awesome thing.

VRC Management has joined the ranks of some of the top Green builders in the country as a member of a the United States Green Building Council.

What does this mean for you?

VRC Management is committed to bring you even more innovative ways, building techniques, usage of materials that benefit not only the look at feel of your home, also keeping with a more environment friendly process.

How would this be of benefit for you, the homeowner?

Having a home with green benefits is not only a fad, it is a great way to have your projects built with sustainability in mind. Here are a few examples:

Solar Panels: Solar Panels are a great way to save on your electricity bill. There are a lot of different options that are now available. Long gone are the days of having large, clunky panels that take up your roof. Companies such as Tesla Solar (formerly Solar City) have design roofing tile solar panels, which look great on the roof of your home and also melt snow too!

Also, there are programs from the government that give you incentives to generate your own power. Even the power company will pay you for electricity that you generate and not use. Yes, your roof is a power plant that can reverse the power meter!

Glass: There are different options with glass, that is made so your home can shade sun during the summertime and let in sun to warm the home during the winter time. These windows help cut down on electricity and heating bills.

Wood Floors made with bamboo: If you love the look of a wood floor and love saving the planet, then Bamboo might just be right up your alley.

Bamboo , unlike usual hardwoods grow rapidly. If you have ever seen how some bamboo plants sprout and multiply, you will know that Bamboo forests can be replenished in way shorter timespans than other wood species.

Just a few examples of materials and the benefits. There are of course way more benefits in terms of long term costs, efficiencies and tax benefits even. For those who are real estate investors, this could mean higher resales values and being able to charge higher rents as well.

If you would love to start a conversation about your next project and how we can make your build one that is very efficient, then give Jozef at VRC Management a call at 312 320 3838 to learn more. VRC Management is your go to contractor for remodeling, renovations and in a more green fashion.


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