What is LEED Certification and the Awesome Factor Behind It

Now that VRC Management is a member of the United States Green Building Council, we can now help you through green and sustainable building standards, achieve the coveted LEED Certification for your home or office.

In a Nutshell, what is LEED Certification?

LEED Stands For Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.

In an ongoing effort to have more efficient and sustainable building practices, using materials that have less impact on our environment along with reducing costs and waste, the US Green Building Council devised a certification program to award green building design. The USGBC provides a framework to follow along to achieve and adhere to.

Why would we desire to have a LEED Certification

Energy and Waste Reduction – Your home or office would use less energy for heating, cooling and use less resources and save on costs.

Lower Operating Costs – For home or office, means less consumption of resources, which provides for a lower energy bill.

Eliminating Construction Waste – Less project scrap waste going to the dumpster, which is not filling up our landfills. Either being reutilized or reused.

Lowering Liability – Lowering any liability factors and easier on responsibilities.

More sustainable durability in the Build Quality – Means that finishes, surfaces and structural integrity is factored in the utmost manner

Greater Resale and Rental Value – LEED Certified homes and rentals are in huge demand, increasing the asking price on homes and monthly rental costs.

Improved Air Quality Indoors – Low VOC finishes, low to no emissions created by materials lets your breathe easier and is safe for pets too.

Increase Productivity and Quality of Life – Better quality for those living in your home or employees working at your office.

Looks Awesome to the Public Image – You are saving the environment, implementing good style as well.

There are FOUR tiers of LEED Certification and the differences?

There are four tiers of LEED Certification: You have the base “Certified” Tier along with Silver, Gold and Platinum.

The difference between the four of them are just point tiers, which are graded on a range of different criteria.

Which Criteria is used for determining which tier of LEED Certification is awarded?

This can be a rather complex, rather cumbersome discussion with the many factors that is involved. However, I will break it down to you in categories and how points are scored:

There are Five rating systems for LEED Certification: New Construction, Existing Buildings, Interior Designs, Homes and Neighborhoods.

Within those systems, there are completely different credit and points values given for each one.

On a points grade, in order to reach various tiers of LEED Certification, you need to score the following:

LEED Certified: 40-49 Points

LEED Silver: 50-59 Points

LEED Gold: 60-79 Points

LEED Platinum: 80+ Points

As you can imagine, LEED Platinum sets the standard for the highest water mark possible of achievement. Not many homes and structures have reached that level. However, for the ones that do, enjoy the benefits of certification and the points we discussed earlier in this post.

If you are looking to build out your next project, a remodel, new construction, for your home, office or investment property, give Jozef at VRC Management LLC a call at 312 320 3838. Let’s have a brief discussion on what you would like to do and we can determine, with our design staff and your budget to make your dreams a reality.



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